La revista electrónica de Los Cabos
       La revista electrónica de Los Cabos

Lang Lang

Por: Sandra Ricco

Lang Lang: As first man of Piano on the world ...

1.- How is your private life?, because you are traveling all time?
I have a simplest private life, because of the busy schedule.

2.- For example... how was this day on morning in Mexico City… about your breakfast time today?
I felt so refreshed.

3.-What is your idea of perfect happiness?
My happiness always goes to piano playing.

4.-What is your perfume?
It depends. I use different ones over time.

5.What is your favorite time on the day?
Play the piano, walk in park, have dinner with family.. There are many.

6.- What is your most favorite or valued possession?
I value my artistic career, family and friendship very much. 

7.-Which important figure do you most identify with? or Fiction Figure on your infance time?
Pianist. I dreamed to be a pianist since very young.

8.-How would  you like  to die?
Leave it as it is.

9.-What  is your greatest travel to realize on the future?
I would explore, not sure yet.

10.-Which even children to have to you?
Sorry I don't understand this question

11.-What or who is the greatest love of your world?
My parents and piano

12.- Do you like Mexican Culture? why?
I like it very much. It is passionate, friendly and colorful in my impression.

13.-With which printing or image you  go  away of Mexico City…?
I will take classical piano music to mexican audience, and take pictures from concert hall and streets as a memory.